This is FIONA.

I love her. She belongs to some friends, Greg & Reagan. I love them also. She is pictured here with Heidi, a dog we are dogsitting. They are becoming best friends. Why? Because I said so.


Betsy & Mike

Betsy & Mike are getting married on Thanksgiving weekend. We had fun this past Sunday in Winter Park, making our way up Park Avenue to Casa Feliz(where I was married)and then up further to Kraft Azalea Park. Those are definately two of my favorite places in the Orlando area. I look forward to their big day!!


Ezra & Anna 9.1.07

If only every wedding could be as amazing as Ezra & Anna's....I had THE best time. They flew me up on Thursday to The Great Smokey Mountains. They put me up in an amazing log cabin in the woods with some friends. It was amazing. We played cards and explored the local town's antiques. It was almost more of a vacation than a work trip. Here are a couple images from our explorations.....

Then came the wedding day.....which I can only describe as a dream wedding. It was so much country fun, like a big ole ho-down! Anna looked amazing in her vintage gown. She and Ezra were so much fun and easy to work with. I didn't want the night to end, and that usually never happens after being on your feet for 9 hours.

The night ended with the remaining of us, family and friends, making smores around a campfire. Best way to end a wedding, ever!