Mike & Cara

I met Mike & Cara last year, when our church decided to launch "house churches". Our house church just didn't seem complete until Mike & Cara joined a few weeks into it, Mike just returning from K-stan. Mike is blessed with amazing musical talent, and Cara has the ability to light up a room with her smile, which we truly appreciated. So when these two got engaged, I was super excited to become such an important part of their big day.

Due to crazy thunderstorms, the ceremony location had to be changed just hours before the wedding, making me all the more amazed at how well Cara handled the last second changes. With eyes glued on the weather channel and moms calling every news station to get an answer they wanted to hear, Caras smile and laughter still remained.

I love you guys and thanks for allowing me to join you for the first day of the rest of your lives!

Megan & Dustin

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding for a great old friend, Megan, and her fiance Dustin. It was so great to meet with Megan over the time before her wedding, catching up and remembering why I enjoyed her friendship in the first place.

I am still amazed at how they transformed a very normal backyard into such a gorgeous ceremony and reception site. Much props to Megan's boss, who graciously accepted the coordinator job hours before the wedding! Overall it was a great time.

Here we go...

So I've decided to keep a blog. I've never done one of these. It feels somewhat weird to not know who you are writing to. But with my new site coming out soon, I thought it would be good to keep you folks updated on my work.
So........Here we go.