After a little over two years, I have finally gone throught my photos from Africa. The process over the past week or so was an amazing one. So many emotions and desires resurfaced. My heart lept with every memory, good and bad. My journey in Africa was one that I took for granted, but now looking back, I realize how much I experienced and now am left praying that God would make a way for me to go again.
I hope that you enjoy these long-awaited photos. These are just a few.....my lack of knowledge when it comes to blogging and slideshows is preventing me from having them all available right now...but soon!! I promise!!


Ivelisse & Tito

Last month, my husband's sister, Ivelisse, and her husband Tito renewed their marriage vows in Melbourne, Florida. They currently have been married about 8 years and have two beautiful children. This August, Tito will be shipped out with the Navy to Iraq. It was such a pleasure to be able to provide their family with photos that will last as memories while he is gone, and reminders to pray for a blessed journey and safe return. May God make Himself incredibly known to you, Tito, while you are gone and be your shelter in times of danger.

These are a few of my favorites.....


A Graduation Party

My friend Rachel recently hired me to shoot photos at a graduation party for a friend of hers. The party was absolutely gorgeous. Great decorating job Rachel!

Sam, The Graduate!