Happy 2 Years!

My dad and his wife, Debbie, celebrated two years of marriage on Thursday. Congrats!! As part of my dad's gift to her we went to Leu Gardens and shot some photos of them. I had fun dragging them all over. Here are just a couple from the shoot....


Tim & Cory 8.4.07

My friend Dustin recently hired me to shoot Tim & Cory's wedding with him. Dustin is a videographer and photographer out of St. Augustine, FL (www.fleshprofitsnothing.com). It was great for once to not have all of the pressure of the entire wedding on my shoulders and to get to just have some fun shooting stuff I've wanted to try for a while.

The wedding was great and "Thank you" to Tim & Cory for letting me drag them all over for pictures. What good sports!

The Team!


Scott & Angelina 7.28.07

Angelina was one of my roommates in college. She is an amazing painter. I still remember when she first started dating Scott. He would come visit and take us garage-saling in his big truck, and do "man" things for us around our apartment. These so called "man" things are where he got the nickname "ManPower". (Yes, I was the creative one who gave him that nickname.) I liked him from the start. They made a great couple.
When they asked me to be their photographer for the wedding, I was so excited. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was tons of fun.

RSAD kids all back together again!!